Hello again. I have several news items to share this month. First,

please keep Patsy Gregory in your thoughts and provide any support

you can. I’m sure we are all saddened to hear that Bill passed on June

28. No words can capture the emotions of losing a loved one or close

friend. He will be missed.

Due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 virus, our July

VCTC event at Wintergreen Resort has been CANCELLED. Thanks to

Tom and Martha O’Brien for planning to host what has become a regular

summer club event. Though Virginia policy is adjusting to allow larger

gatherings, underlying conditions and associated risks are still present.

We will continue to exercise caution when deciding when our next

meeting will be held and stay hopeful that we can get together in

August. We’ll keep you posted as decisions are made.


By now, most are aware of significant turmoil among CTCI board

and staff members either through direct correspondence from CTCI or

messages forwarded through VCTC. It appears that interpretation of

membership policy, the voting process, and business decisions of the

CTCI BOD have prompted accusations and actions leading to remove a

Regional Director from office. Following that determination, two other

CTCI Directors resigned. From emails attempting to explain the

circumstances leading up to these actions I find it very hard to

determine ground truth. I have considered whether it is appropriate to

respond to CTCI BOD on behalf of VCTC and if so, what stance to take.

For now, I am withholding judgement and do not plan to respond. If

anyone believes we should provide a club response and has factual

information to support a position, please let me know and I will work with

you to draft a memo for VCTC member consideration.


I briefly mentioned in last month’s letter that Collector Car

Appreciation Day is July 10. If you would like to get out in your classic,

there are two organized events in our area (Richmond and Smithfield)

and additional contact information can be found at:
If you have the

opportunity to get out, click a few pictures for the website


Until next month, stay well and be safe.


All the best!


VCTC President


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