As I write this it feels like another “Groundhog Day” is on the

horizon…I’m really hoping something will change but I’m pretty sure I’ll

wake up tomorrow morning with a mask and 6-foot ruler in my hand. I

am certain you are well-aware conditions in Virginia have not improved

recently. Consequently, we recently made the decision to

planned August Club meeting. Associated risks and impracticality of

holding a large group meeting made it the only practical choice at this

time. In addition, as previously announced, our September meeting is

also cancelled. My thanks to Vilma and Kevin, and Dan and Denise for

planning to host. I remain optimistic that we will get together sometime

this year and will readdress plans for October and beyond in the coming



Though we haven’t been able to drive our cars to monthly VCTC

events, I hope most of you are getting an occasional drive to keep your

spirits up and fluids moving. I considered how we might encourage

everyone to drive their classics and recently came upon an idea I

thought might be fun. (If you are an AACA member, you probably know

how I came up with the idea.)
Here's my challenge to you...Drive your


Drive it with anyone and anywhere. Just get it out of the garage and

drive it somewhere. Then find an interesting place, take a photo of your

car (with or without you) there and email it (include location info) to

Steve at . At a minimum, we’ll post them

on the website for everyone to see. Feel free to do this as often as you

want and through the rest of the year.


Starting this month, we added a Thunderbird History section

to the President’s Message. Our club Historian, Bill Brown, will

occasionally be providing snippets of Thunderbird-related history to

share and educate. It made sense to add them to the President’s

Message for easy reference and since they apply to the current month

 Many thanks to Bill for researching relevant Thunderbird information for

our benefit. Enjoy!

Until next month, stay well and be safe.


All the best!


VCTC President


 This month in Thunderbird History:

 August 17th, 1956 the last production 56 Thunderbird (VIN P6FH 359566) rolled off the Ford assembly line completing the run of 15,631 vehicles.
August 8th 2000 the Retro Limited Edition Neiman Marcus was introduced to the public. A total of 200 were made available in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog. They sold out in just under
two hours

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