I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful and relaxing Labor Day Holiday weekend. The heat of summer has subsided for at least a few days giving us great weather for a drive in a classic convertible. Get out and enjoy it while we can!

The days, weeks and months are clicking by faster than I can keep up. It seems like yesterday we were together at the Tanglewood Ordinary Restaurant for a wonderful lunch and welcome socialization. It was great to see so many in attendance though the August heat kept many little birds in the garage. Despite that, it was still a wonderful event. Many thanks to Bill Brown for organizing it.

Our September meeting will take place in two weeks in conjunction with the Richmond Collector Car Show on Sept 18. Details have gone out via email. There is an option to have your car judged or just to be part of the cruise-in group. Registration in advance is encouraged but not required. Stan Hostetler coordinated with show management to have our club members park together. It should be a great event with lots to see and do. Watch for additional reminders and updates regarding meeting times to enter the parking area. Pack up your lawn chairs…we hope to see you there.

We still have opportunities to host a monthly meeting later this year and in 2022. Please think about a potential venue to an event for lunch and get in touch with Bill Brown  at the next meeting or via email/phone to discuss options.

Last thought for this month…THE CLUB NEEDS YOUR HELP! New club officers will be elected during the November meeting, and we need volunteers to step up and help with some of the club business. Many of the current officers have had multiple terms in their respective positions or others, and they are ready for a break. We need volunteers and nominations for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Activities Chairman and I urge everyone to consider a club position. If willing, get in touch with any of the current club officers to discuss duties or answer questions. The club thrives through support of its members. Please consider how you can help and let any current officer know your intent to run for office.

I hope to see you at the Collector Car show in a couple of


Until then, Be safe. All the best!


VCTC President

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