I think I see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel and it appears others may be seeing it too. I received a few notes from people who have been out and about recently in their Tbirds and its great news to hear. The Hostetlers provided photographic evidence of their drive to pick up a few essentials. Paula and I made it out to satisfy our Sweet Frog Yogurt fix. And Pattersons, Browns, Thorsons and new member Paul Trealo participated in a local car show with Paul and Steve taking 1st and 2nd place honors. It is fantastic that people are out and about again and congratulations on the great showing! If you take the Tbird out for a spin, remember to snap of photo and share it with the group. We are just a week away from the next club event to be hosted by Steve and Nancy Wigley at their home in Toano on July 10. At last check, they expect over 30 people. If you have not RSVP’d to, please do so now. The hosts will provide lunch and drinks. For those signed up, expect information soon about bringing a side dish or dessert to share with the group. This will be our biggest group get-together in over a year and will be a perfect setting to catch up after the long hiatus. The future events calendar remains open through the end of the year. We are tentatively planning to make the August meeting a club-funded event though we have not located a suitable venue yet. If anyone has ideas where wcould hold the meeting in an informal mix-and-mingle environment with food service or catering, let us know. Our intent is to get maximum participation in a casual setting to allow us to catch up with those we have not seen in a while. I encourage everyone to consider hosting a gathering in one of the open months this year. It is easy to do, and help is available if needed. In addition, the club will chip in up to $150 to cover fees associated with hosting the event. Check out the “Tips for Hosting” article on the VCTC website for information and pointers. That’s it for this time. I look forward to seeing you at the Wigley’s. Enjoy the 4th of July holiday. All reports say lots of people will be on the roads this weekend so be safe! All the best!

Eric VCTC President


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