As we near the end of 2020, I hope everyone had an opportunity

to celebrate Thanksgiving in a meaningful way. It certainly was

different this year connecting with family on Zoom and Skype. I don’t

think the turkey tasted quite as good and there definitely were fewer

desserts to pick from, but despite it all there is much to be thankful for.


For one, I’m very thankful to Lynn and Carrie Hillman for hosting

the November meeting. The weather cooperated and provided a great

day for a drive and outdoor get-together. If you haven’t already done so,

check out the photos on the club website (thanks Stan). It was great to

see people and have a couple hours of conversation on a beautiful

Saturday. And thanks to our hosts for also providing dessert…the

cupcakes were fantastic!


For anyone considering but not yet committed, there are seats

available for the Christmas party if you sign up quickly (RSVP requested by Dec

1). Eric and Susan Thorson are hosting the event at the Two Rivers Country

Club in Governors Land, Williamsburg. RSVP to Susan via email at or call (703) 505-3250. Additional details are available

on the VCTC website.

Looking forward to 2021, for now we do not plan to hold VCTC meetings

in January or February due to COVID policy uncertainties. We will continually

assess options and encourage potential hosts to look for opportunities to hold

a meeting. The annual business meeting will be postponed indefinitely. I wil

l review required business items and include pertinent information in the

January message for everyone’s awareness. If anyone has questions or

concerns that need to be addressed, please send me a note at or call (757) 848-8781. Also, if you would like to host a meeting later in the year, contact Bill Brown to get on the calendar. Currently

May and June are assigned.

One last bit of business…if you haven’t already mailed your 2021 dues to

Steve, please fill out the membership form and send it off.

That’s it for this month. Wishing everyone a safe and joyous Christmas

and looking forward to the New Year. I know sometime soon we’ll be holding

regular monthly events and putting COVID restrictions in our rearview mirror

. Until then, be safe and stay well.

All the best!


VCTC President

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