Fall is in the air and the transition from summer is finally

recognizable. Aside from that, not much else has changed lately

…unfortunately. There is a bit of club business to cover this month. You

may be aware there is an election coming up soon. That’s right but

actually there are three elections. First, (for CTCI members) the election

for Delegates is ongoing and you are probably aware Bill Brown is

running for Region 4 Delegate. If you have not voted yet please get on

it. There’s not much time left and it is important to make your voice



The second election on the horizon is for VCTC officers.

Traditionally right about now we solicit volunteers for the nominating

committee and anyone interested in running. Since this year is mostly a

blank slate from a club business perspective, current officers have

discussed the idea of extending for another year and all current officers

are willing. If there’s consensus among club members we will execute

that plan. I will work with Steve to set up an email for voting yes/no to

this proposal in the near future.


Everyone should be aware club events through October have been

cancelled. We are still considering options for the November and

December meetings and will get information out very soon regarding

plans. Watch for a separate email or check the club website for

information or cancellation notice.


There is an opportunity to get out and support the Historic

Fredericksburg AACA if you would like to do so. J. Brown is looking for

classic cars to participate in the Prince Michel Winery's fall festival on

Saturday, October 10, in Leon, Virginia  (  If

interested, let him know as soon as possible. 


That’s about it for this month. Oops…remember election #3! I

encourage everyone to make sure you vote in the upcoming

Presidential election. In-person voting is available right now in your

municipality and absentee ballots can be requested for another few

weeks. Additional information is available at


Until next month, stay well and be safe.


All the best!


VCTC President


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